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Aug 8, 2016

Levels 3-6 Greenacre Invitational

Congratulations to all gymnasts who competed at the Rhythmic Gymnastics Levels 3-6 Greenacre Invitational held on 6-7 August at Holy Saviour School, Greenacre.
Special mention:
      Alina Onis (Level 3 Sub Junior) placed 5th in Freehand and 4th in Rope;
      Cassandra Davies (Level 4 Sub Junior) placed 6th in Ribbon;
      Janice Ye (Level 4 Sub Junior) placed 2nd in Freehand;
      Caitlin Bernardo (Level 4 Junior) placed 2nd in Freehand, 5th in Hoop, 4th in Ribbon and 3rd overall;
      Mali Alexiou (Level 5 Senior) placed 6th in Ball; and
      Sophie Palmer (Level 6 Senior) placed 6th in Ball and 6th in Ribbon.


There were some beautiful routines performed, but overall, let's get back to the gym and continue to work harder. We have high expectations for you all, and now is the time to buckle down and continue making leaps forward.
RESULTS : RG Levels 3-6 Greenacre Invitational Results
Thank you also to the parents and gymnasts, who dedicated her time to supporting and encouraging our gymnasts. Also to Nich Caine for volunteering.