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Oct 26, 2015

IPSHA, IGSSA and RG Junior State Championships 2015

Congratulations to all gymnasts who repersented their school - SCEGGS Darlinghurst and TARA Anglican School for Girls, and competed at the IPSHA and IGSSA Gymnastics Carnivals held on 22-23 October at Rooty Hill.
Special mention to :
      TARA Foundation 1 Team placed 2nd overall in Division 2;
      SCEGGS Foundation 2 Team placed 4th overall in Division 2;
      To all of our Level 5, Level 6 and Level 7 (SCEGGS and TARA) gymnasts - All placed in the top 10 for all apparatus'; and
      SCEGGS IGSSA Reprsentative Team placed 3rd overall in Division 2!
In addition, congratulations to all gymnasts who competed at the RG Levels 3-6 Junior State Championships held on 24-25 October at Rooty Hill. The girls performed with passion, poise, diligence and determination.
Special mention in Individual Placings :
      Hanna Kebede (Level 3 Sub Junior) placed 2nd in Hoop, 1st in Ball, 1st in Clubs and 1st overall in NSW in 2015;
      Sally Webster (Level 3 Sub Junior) placed 2nd in Clubs;
      Alisa Millar (Level 3 Junior) placed 1st in Ball, 2nd in Clubs and 2nd overall in NSW in 2015;
      Caitlin Bernardo (Level 3 Junior) placed 5th in Clubs;
      Jesse Kidd (Level 6 Senior) placed 5th in Hoop, 4th in Ball, 5th in Clubs and 3rd overall in NSW in 2015;
      Stephanie Peacock (Level 6 Senior) placed 3rd in Hoop and 6th overall in NSW in 2015.         
Team Event Placings :
      Level 3 Sub Junior Team (Cassandra Davies, Serena Lam, Hanna Kebede, Sally Webster and Janice Ye) placed 1st overall;      
      Level 3 Junior Team (Caitlin Bernardo, Mia Culpin and Alisa Millar) placed 5th overall; and
      Level 6 Senior Team (Jesse Kidd, Natasha Hopman and Stephanie Peacock) placed 1st overall.
RESULTS : RG Junior State Championships Results
And a BIG THANK YOU to all Club PERO Coaches and Judges for your time and support on such a BIG weekend! Also to Vireena Peacock for volunteering.